Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory ---- Reconstruction of Amount renovation

Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory is a national key new & hi-tech enterprise, mainly manufacturing medicines like vitamin, antibiotics and reifamycin. Sewage from this factory is very hard to be treated for its quite complex composition and more than 4% salinity.

  Its original sewage treatment amount is 1000T/D,It uses active sludge process, loading of COD is only about  1kg/(mз.d),Hydraulic detention time is 10.5d。
  Influent COD:10000~15000mg/L, NH3-N:200~400mg/L;
  Effluent COD:600~1000mg/L,        NH3-N:300~500mg/L。
  Because of production expansion,Now the volume of effluent required to upgrade to2000T/D above,COD loading must >2kg/(mз.d),so need for an urgent transformation。
  Transformation requirements:
  1、Dealing with water >2000T/D,Influent COD load> 2kg/(mз.d);
  2、Effluent COD:  <1000mg/L, NH3-N:200~300mg/L。

Dosing the Yulon suspension biological packing site photo


  Transformation at the second dosing the YL-Ⅱ biologically active filler 1200 cubic,transformation to increase the fan and aeration system,Setting out of the water screens.

  After transformation, the effect of contrast (unit 1 plus filler device for the original process)

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